Risk factors and warning signs .. breast cancer

Dr. Julasak Boonthai Surgeon, Surgical Center Huachiew Hospital said breast cancerIt is a serious disease for which the exact cause cannot be determined. But it is usually caused by abnormalities in the breast cells. especially the milk duct cells where the cells start dividing abnormally and spreading to other organs. In the early stages of breast cancer you will not show any abnormal symptoms. But you can observe the changing symptoms as follows

1. Feel a lump in the breast area or under the arm

2. There are dimples, wrinkles, rashes around the nipple area.

3. Abnormal pain in the breasts or armpits

4. Fluid or lymphatic flows from the breast.

risk factors of breast cancer It can be caused by overweight people, women over the age of 35, who have been taking oral contraceptives for more than 5 years and have a family history of breast cancer. Breast cancer screening is very important. If doctors detect cancer cells in the early stages, the chance of recovery from the disease is greater than when they detect cancer cells in the advanced stages. Therefore, people between the ages of 35 and 40 should have a digital mammogram once a year to accurately locate the tumor.

Present Surgery Center Huachiew Hospital has a team of doctors, nurses and trained staff. Offering both general surgery and specialist surgery Along with modern surgery and surgery. Endoscopy is a modern medical technology that allows for smaller surgical incisions. reduce pain and take less time to recover As a result, patients can return to normal life faster.

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