Rising cases of infection, Conservatives win the 1st round of elections, weak in the fight against corruption

Market in the city of Ignalia

The most significant events in Lithuania last week were the increase in the incidence of COVID-19, Homeland Union-Lithuanian Christian Democrat (TS-LKD) victory in the Seimas elections and low rating in the fight against bribery of entrepreneurs abroad.

Belarusian cargo is not shrinking yet

Despite the threat of Belarus to divert all its cargo of oil products from Klaipeda Port to Russian ports, there have been no signs that cargo shipments from the neighboring country will decrease, said Algis Latakas, Executive Director of Klaipeda Port, on Monday, October 12. Belarusian cargo makes up about 30% of the total cargo of Klaipeda Port.

The TS-LKD wins the first round of Seimas elections

In the first round of elections, which took place last week, the national conservative party TS-LKD received less than 25% of the vote. Currently dominant Lithuanian Farmers ‘and Greens’ Union (LZZS) took the second place with 17%, but in the third and fourth – Labor party a Social Democratic Party with nine percent of the vote each. Freedom Party, a liberal – minded political force created in 2019, also received nine percent, and Liberal movement – less than seven percent of the votes. In the first round, when 70 seats in the legislature were distributed, the other parties failed to gain enough support to overcome the five percent threshold required for election to the Seimas.

Change of management in the electricity network company Litgrid

Last week, after seven Lithuanian electricity company Litgrid Daivis Virbicks left the Executive Director for years. The resignation was submitted by mutual agreement, and Vidmantas Gruss, the director of the company’s Distribution Network Management Department, has already replaced Virbickas, he said last week. Litgrid representatives. Company Litgrid controlled by a Lithuanian state-owned group of companies Epso-G.

Minister: Lithuania can financially withstand another COVID-19 outbreak

In financial terms, Lithuania would be able to withstand another outbreak of the new coronavirus, Lithuanian Minister of Finance Vilius Ĺ apoka announced on Tuesday, October 13. He also explained that it was unlikely that the country would be able to reintroduce the national quarantine, which was introduced on 16 March, during which national borders were closed and restrictions on trade and services were imposed in the country.

Low rate in the fight against corporate bribery abroad

On Tuesday, October 13, a non-governmental organization Transparency International said that Lithuania had made little progress in its law enforcement efforts to combat bribery of foreign officials by Lithuanian companies. Lithuania received three points for the proposed investigations, and Transparency International ranked among the countries that have the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development Convention On combating bribery of foreign public officials in international business transactions have so far implemented to a limited extent. From 2016 to 2019, the Lithuanian Special Investigation Service initiated three pre-trial investigations into alleged bribery of foreign officials by Lithuanian companies operating abroad: bribery of aircraft and engineering companies in the USA, alleged crimes of a frozen company in Russia and bribery of a pharmaceutical company in Latvia. , said in a statement from the organization. Countries such as the USA (1,236) and the United Kingdom (147) received the most points in the rating. The other Baltic states are also ranked higher than Lithuania – Estonia (seven points) and Latvia (six points).

IMF: Lithuania’s GDP decline this year will be the smallest in Europe

Lithuania’s gross domestic product (GDP) will shrink by 1.8% in 2020, which will be the smallest decline in Europe, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) said on Tuesday. It predicted that in 2021, Lithuania’s GDP will grow by 4.1%. By way of comparison, in April the IMF predicted that this year the Lithuanian economy would experience a downturn of 8.1%, and in 2021 – growth of 8.2%.

Flights from Vilnius to Istanbul resume

Turkish airline Turkish Airlines On Wednesday, October 14, he announced that he would resume flights from Vilnius to the Turkish city of Istanbul, as Lithuanian citizens will no longer be subject to the entry self-isolation requirement from October 12. Flights will resume on Saturday, October 17, and will take place three times a week, the airport managing body said. Lithuanian Airports.

Tour operator revenue decreases by 78%

Novaturas, one of the largest tour operators in the Baltics, announced on Thursday, October 15 that it has generated revenues of 30.3 million euros in the first nine months of this year. This indicates a 78% drop in revenue compared to the corresponding period in 2019. In September alone, the company’s turnover decreased by 93% to 1.5 million euros, so Novaturas representatives told through the stock exchange Nasdaq Vilnius.

The number of cases of coronavirus per day reaches 281

Lithuania on Friday, October 16, announced that 281 new people infected with the new coronavirus have been confirmed in the country, which is a new record during the whole pandemic. Two new deaths from complications caused by COVID-19 were also registered on Friday. The total number of deaths so far has reached 112. There are currently 3,862 active infections in the country, and 3,043 people have recovered from the new coronavirus. There are currently 34,269 people in self-isolation in Lithuania.

21.9% decline in the used car market

From January to September, approximately 112,600 used cars imported from abroad were registered in Lithuania. This amount is by 21.9% less than in 2019 from January to June. The average age of imported cars was 11 years, so on Friday, according to the car registration company Register data, the company said AutoTyrimai. This year, the volume of diesel cars was 66.4%, which, compared to the corresponding period last year, indicates a decline of 70.1%.

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