Rise in Acute Respiratory Infections and ILI Cases in Yogyakarta During August-September 2023

Rise in Acute Respiratory Infections and ILI Cases in Yogyakarta During August-September 2023

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, YOGYAKARTA — The Yogyakarta City Health Service (Dinkes) recorded an increase in acute respiratory infections (ARI), sore throats, coughs, and Illness Like Influenza (ILI) or flu in the current dry season. In fact, the increase from August to September 2023 is quite significant in the city of Yogyakarta.

“August-September 2023, the Yogyakarta City Health Service recorded an increase in almost 40 percent of sufferers from ISPA to ILI,” said Head of the Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases and Immunization (P2PM and Immunization) of the Yogyakarta City Health Service, Endang Sri Rahayu, Thursday (21/ 9/2023.

For this reason, the public is asked to be alert to the spread of this disease. Endang said that prevention can be done by continuing to implement a healthy lifestyle so that the body’s immunity does not decrease.

“Many people experience and complain of symptoms ISPA and ILI due to prolonged drought. “We need to be aware of this, especially for vulnerable groups such as pregnant women, toddlers and the elderly,” said Endang.

Endang explained that there are several ways that can be done to increase body immunity for vulnerable groups. Starting from getting enough rest, drinking lots of water, eating fruit and vegetables, and avoiding exposure to cigarette smoke.

“Also clean mucus from the nose, do light exercise and sunbathe in the morning,” he explained.

Apart from that, to avoid the spread of these diseases in the community, flu and cough sufferers are required to wear masks when interacting with other people. This is because this disease is transmitted from person to person through droplets or fluids from sufferers when they sneeze or cough.

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“Apart from using a mask, it can be prevented and avoided by washing your hands and keeping your distance,” said Endang.

For people who experience symptoms of ISPA, sore throat, cough and ILI, they are expected to access health services at the nearest health service facility (fasyankes). “If you have the flu and need consultation and health services, you can access community health center services in your area,” he said.

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