Riot talks about a likely Battle Royale on Valorant

Riot Games developers recently answered a series of questions about the future of Valuing and in particular on new modes which could be added in the future and in particular a possible Battle Royale.

In an interview for Eurogamer, eight members of the Valorant development team from Riot Games were asked about the different aspects of FPS. They notably answered questions regarding the probability of seeing Valorant arriving on the next generation consoles as well as on the visuals of the game and on all future additions.

And among these questions, some also related to the new modes that could be added in the future on the game and especially on the possibility of a possible Battle Royale or a similar experience.

Riot Games

It’s hard to imagine an FPS like Valorant becoming a Battle Royale.

Valorant could it technically support, for example, tens or hundreds of players in a single game, or a game mode with a much larger card“Eurogamer asked David Straily, the game’s technical manager.

Although the question didn’t mention the word Battle Royale directly, it clearly matched the description of the mode.

However, David Straily recently said that at the moment this couldn’t happen, at least not without some major drawbacks.

Not without some compromise on our 128 tick servers and on client performance targets“replied Straily.

Riot Games

Although the arrival of a Battle Royale on Valorant may seem impossible, it still brought a touch of hope: “If we were ever to do something on this scale, we would do a thorough investigation to find the best solution that maximizes player performance. Ideally, we would do something with dynamic tick rates, where we keep a high frame rate, and then reduce it in situations where the integrity of competition is a less critical need.

Could a Battle Royale finally arrive one day on Valorant? Case to follow.

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