Rio de Janeiro postpones carnival parade • ‘Flu-like students in a pinch’

High school students with flu symptoms who have to stay at home because of the corona rules and miss a school exam may in some cases no longer take the test at all. As a result, sick students are at risk of coming to school. That is what the VO-Raad, the umbrella organization for secondary school students, says to De Telegraaf.

Due to the corona pandemic, many school exams were moved in March to the beginning of this school year. Normally, a student loses the right to resit if he or she does not show up. Because the corona rules oblige a student with complaints to stay at home, according to the council, an undesirable situation threatens. “Of course we want to prevent students with complaints that indicate corona come to school to take an exam,” said a spokesperson.

School union LAKS says the problem occurs in dozens of schools and calls for the rules to be relaxed. The VO Council will enter into discussions with their members and with LAKS.

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