“Rimowa Exhibition: Reimagining Luggage as Works of Art”

The Horned Suitcase Bergmark Näsman is part of the series As Seen By of Rimowa. This collection, which also has its own dedicated section in the exhibition, invites artists to reinterpret the brand’s articles or raw materials as they wish. While these pieces are closer to works of art than easy-to-carry luggage, they are a microcosmic sample of the quirky yet decidedly sophisticated ecosystem that Rimowa maintained for a long time. (See also the miniature cabin suitcase imagined by the Parisian design agency avoir, as well as the aluminum wardrobe designed by the Korean artist Hyunhee Kimamong others).

Rimowa exhibition invites artists to reinvent products

A diorama is devoted to polycarbonate, the light and resistant (and more affordable) composite material than Rimowa now uses across its entire product line (aluminum parts being more expensive). According to the company, the polycarbonate shell adapts to all journeys in our increasingly interconnected world. “At Rimowa, we make considerable efforts in terms of sustainable development”, explains Emelie of the Vine. “In particular, we launched the Re-Crafted program to give Rimowa suitcases a second life. It is a circular model that emphasizes the reuse, repair and recycling of our suitcases.” Speaking of second-hand suitcases, SEIT 1898 also has a space dedicated to personal luggage, lent by “friends” of the brand. None of these items have been polished or polished for display: every scrape, bump or scratch bears witness to the passage of time and holds the memories of many trips around the world.

One of Roger Federer’s Rimowa suitcases, designed to hold his tennis racket.

Photo: Courtesy of Rimowa

The aluminum and leather suitcase of tattoo artist Dr. Woo.

Photo: Courtesy of Rimowa

Among the pieces on loan for the exhibition is the aluminum suitcase of Roger Federer, designed to accommodate his tennis racket. The athlete and aficionado of Rimowa admits that he has a slight tendency to travel loaded, as during this trip Paris-Venice aboard the Orient-Express: “I admit that I took too many suitcases, as usual, but they could find their place somewhere on the train.” Another loan: the aluminum and leather suitcase of the tattoo artist Dr. Woo, covered in scratches and spider-shaped stickers. “I once spent a month in Italy and took this hand luggage with me, because I didn’t want to go through the check-in counter before boarding,” he explains. . “Take only what is necessary, get rid of superfluous kilos: it was a real headache, but also a great lesson. A very liberating feeling!”

Rimowa: A Celebrity Affair

The exhibit also includes personal baggage belonging to Billie Eilish (a collaboration Off-White equipped with a transparent shell), Bella Hadid (another collaboration Off-Whitepersonalized with his name), Patti Smith (a carry-on suitcase strewn with stickers), Adwoa Aboah – The Best Of Adwoa Aboah (a well-worn red suitcase), and many more. The latter evokes the magic that characterizes the incomparable patina of the suitcases Rimowa. “People are so attached to their baggage. Mine is incredibly damaged! It always brings a smile to my face when I pull this plush suitcase in a wheelbarrow down a sandy, bumpy road, against the backdrop of some of the most beautiful and unspoilt places on the planet.” The suitcases Rimowaas proves SINCE 1898, are ready for a long ride.

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