Rila Highway will connect us with Northern Macedonia

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An interactive map shows that by 2030 the Black Sea will be built between Varna and Burgas

An interactive map released by the regional ministry on Monday shows that the idea of ​​building the Rila highway is being revived. It will start from “Trakia” near Ihtiman, will pass through Samokov, Dupnitsa and Kyustendil to end at the Bulgarian-northern Macedonian border at Kriva Palanka. The deadline for the construction of one part of this highway – between Dupnitsa and Kyustendil, is 2030, according to the map. There are no details about the financing, and for the section between Dupnitsa and Kyustendil it is stated that it will be a highway, ie. there will be no emergency lanes, only lane widenings at certain intervals.

Also by 2030, the railway connection between Bulgaria and Northern Macedonia should be built, of which only 8 km are generally missing, but the most important – the connection from the border village of Gueshevo to the border with neighbors. According to the map, the project also envisages the modernization of the railway line between Radomir and Gueshevo.

According to the map and the accompanying information, the construction of the Black Sea highway between Varna and Bourgas must be completed by 2030, also with unclear funding. It is stated that construction should start in 2025. It will be 113 km long and will cross the Balkan Mountains, where there will be a tunnel, as well as on the border between the municipalities of Obzor and Nessebar. The projects for this highway are already underway, already in 2020 an extended conceptual design for determining the possible routes began to be made.

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The map states that by 2025, ie. the Struma highway between Blagoevgrad and Krupnik should be ready in two and a half years. The more complicated part, which includes crossing the Kresna Gorge, is left for 2030. Recently, Deputy Prime Minister and Regional Minister Grozdan Karadzhov said that there is a “difficult dialogue” with the Ministry of Ecology, which insists on trying all possible European funding for the most difficult and expensive option possible – a 24-kilometer tunnel through the gorge.

The highway that will be completed soon is Europe. It should be in operation between Kalotina and Sofia in 2024. By 2025, the sections Vidin-Montana and Vratsa-Botevgrad from the route between Vidin and Botevgrad should be modernized.

The cities that are eligible for participation in the Green Mobility project, which is for energy efficient urban transport, are also indicated. These are a total of 40 municipalities that will be able to apply for funds from the National Plan for Reconstruction and Sustainability.

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