Rijkswaterstaat expects busy and early evening rush hour due to holiday traffic | NOW

Rijkswaterstaat expects a busy and early Friday evening rush hour due to holiday traffic. The biggest crowds are expected on roads in the south and east of the country. The summer holiday starts in the South region and the construction holiday (construction trade) in the Central region. Many people immediately go on holiday.

The first holidaymakers hit the road after noon, Rijkswaterstaat thinks. From 3 p.m., regular commuter traffic will normally also be added. It can stay busy until 7pm.

From Friday evening, travelers around Amsterdam must take into account significant inconvenience. The A10 South towards Utrecht will be closed from the Badhoevedorp junction to the RAI. The work will last until August 3.

People who leave for their holiday destination next weekend must also take traffic jams into account at home and abroad. According to the ANWB, it can also be busy abroad due to tourists returning from vacation.

Tomorrow is the second Black Saturday of the year in France. French traffic authorities warn motorists that they will be stuck in traffic for hours at some points. In particular on the A7 between Lyon and Orange and on the A10 from Tours to Bordeaux. The ANWB advises travelers to travel south on the A20 via Limoges and Brive.

In Germany, traffic jams are likely to arise on the A8 between Munich and Salzburg, Austria, and in Italy on the roads to Lake Garda and Tuscany. According to the ANWB, the road is also busy in Slovenia and Croatia.

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