Rihanna Faces Criticism for Dressing Son in Pink, Blurring Gender Norms

Rihanna Faces Criticism for Dressing Son in Pink, Blurring Gender Norms

Published23. September 2023, 5:13 p.m.

Children’s fashion: Rihanna dresses her son in pink and attracts criticism

Internet users say they are baffled by Rihanna’s newborn’s outfit. For them, the singer blurs genres.


Lauren Cavin-Hostettler

Rihanne was criticized for making her baby wear pink.


Rihanna presents her second son Riot Rose, born in August. For the first time, the singer and her partner, rapper A$AP Rocky, posed for a series of family photos, published on September 20 by “Vogue US”.

Accused of blurring genres

Many people were quick to comment on the baby’s outfit which consisted of a pink onesie, matching headband and a pair of Timberland booties. “So Rihanna had a son, she makes him wear pink and his first name is Riot Rose (a female first name, editor’s note)? Are you sure it’s not a girl?” “Who said it was a boy?” “Why blur the genres like this?” “First appearance in pink, it’s confusing,” we can read in particular.

Some Internet users have, however, reminded that in 2023, girls and boys can wear the colors they want. “I like to dress him in clothes that don’t look like a baby’s clothes. I put her in floral clothes. I put it in hot pink. I love that. I think the fluidity of fashion is the best. I always shop in the men’s section,” Rihanna confided about her eldest, 16-month-old RZA, in an interview given in March to British “Vogue”. “When you have an idea in your head, half the time it’s not feasible because children’s clothes are very boring.”

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