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Right now is Widow’s Day. Everybody will get what they deserve. – 2024-06-14 21:57:08

Absolutely every of us has heard the expression “Vidovden will come”, “Every goat by itself foot, however when Vidovden comes we’ll see”. The which means of that is that the day of retribution will come when everybody will get what they deserve and shall be punished for his or her deeds.

Origin of the vacation

Vidovden Day is widely known on June 15 or June 28 within the previous type. There isn’t a report of a saint with the same title, and this present day isn’t included within the church calendar.

Its origin is related to legends and traditions from pagan instances. On this date, the 2 saints Eliseus (Lise) and Bartholomew and their sister Vida are honored.

That is the day to guard in opposition to hail and different pure disasters. Eliseus and Bartholomew, in addition to Germanus (additionally thought-about their brother), are also referred to as “hail saints”, who ship pure components, particularly hail.

They smite the wrongdoers who deserve punishment. It’s right here that we should search for the origin of the expression: “Vidovden will come”. Pure disasters and evils strike the culprits and at some point it will likely be clear who they’re.

Superstitions and beliefs

June 15 in folks mythology is like “Doomsday” when everyone seems to be ready for his or her retribution.

Vida resembles the Roman Themis, who sifts reality from falsehood. As a result of for hundreds of years, folks have believed that even when the courtroom errs, Vidovden comes, when all the things falls into place and everybody who has sinned receives his punishment.

Along with the approaching retribution, in Bulgaria the day can be related to the cult of the Solar.

Folks welcome it at early daybreak, believing that it’s going to give them well being and energy. The younger ladies take garments out of their chaises and unfold them over the fence to catch the solar and be seen by the boys and the neighbors.

As on many different holidays, “love rituals” and fortune-telling are carried out on Vidovden. On the eve of the vacation, the maidens wash themselves with “divine” water collected from the dew on the vegetation.

They believed that this water would make their hair extra lush and their faces extra lovely. They minimize off three stalks of the shawar plant and referred to as it by the names of the youths they favored, believing that by the top of the 12 months they might accept the youth whose stalk grew the tallest.

The place is it celebrated in Bulgaria?

No work is completed on this present day, in order to not provoke the “hail” saints. Right now, the vacation is most actively celebrated in Godechko, Breznishko and Transko.

Within the area of Graovsko Vidovden is widely known as a vacation of eye well being and in opposition to blindness.

This custom is believed to have come from Europe.

Individuals who have imaginative and prescient issues stand up early on this present day and sprinkle their eyes with contemporary, dew-wet inexperienced twigs. In keeping with some traditions, due to this, many blind folks have seen.

After an off-the-cuff dispute between Trun, Godech and Breznik, ultimately Breznik “patented” Vidovden. On June 15, a village meeting and pageant is organized within the metropolis in honor of the vacation.

The Vidovden Meeting has been held since historic instances within the Kalna Bara space / on the location of Stari Vidovden/ within the village of Babitsa, Breznishko on June 15. The assembly lasts for 3 days and is especially buying and selling time.

Over time, the custom modified, and as we speak, as an alternative of stalls, the congregation primarily presents folks performances.

Since 1990, the normal title of the congregation “Vidovden” has been restored. It’s at present held in entrance of the neighborhood middle within the city of Breznik, preserving its genuine character.

Vidovden v Europe

Today is widely known not solely in Bulgaria, but in addition in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Croatia and different international locations. In these international locations, Saint Vidu’s day is widely known, after the pagan god Vidu.

On the eve of the vacation, bonfires are lit from dry branches, that are jumped over by the homeless. It’s believed that on this means everybody within the dwelling shall be shielded from hail and calamities.

It’s from the Czech Republic and Saxony that the assumption that this can be a day of sight and in opposition to blindness comes. In these areas, Vidovden is devoted to St. Vitus, protector of eyesight, who lived on the finish of the third century.

Mysticism and a spell for well being and well-being, Orthodoxy and Catholicism, the assumption that the one will come for everybody, Vidovden are intertwined in a particular vacation, proper in the course of the 12 months.

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