Rigged contest for the sister of the contest committee president. Four defendants pleaded guilty and were sentenced

A competition held in 2018 at the Civil Aviation Higher School has led to the conviction of four people so far: three members of the competition committee and one of the candidates who won the position and who was the sister of the committee president. An institution subordinate to the Ministry of Transport, the Civil Aviation Higher School, which also presents itself as the Romanian Aviation Academy, trains pilots, flight attendants and technical staff for airlines in Romania and abroad.

Between May and August 2022, the 1st District Court and the Bucharest Court admitted four referrals with plea agreements for four people who were allegedly involved, in 2018, in rigging an employment competition held in the summer of 2018 at the School Superior of Civil Aviation.

At that time, after an approval received from the Government, the institution put several positions out to competition, including two quality expert-specialists within the Quality and Compliance Monitoring Office. Prosecutors from the Prosecutor’s Office attached to the Bucharest Court of Appeal discovered that one of the two positions was won by Emilia Alexandra Diaconescu, the half-sister of Ana Margareta Cristina Tătaru, the head of the Office and, in fact, the president of the competition commission. Investigators found that much of the procedure broke the law:

  • One of the potential candidates did not pass the selection of files under the conditions that he had a considerably higher professional experience than a candidate who was an economist by profession (Tătaru’s sister) and who, in the end, won one of the two positions. In sentence 351 of May 30, 2022 of the 1st District Court, it is mentioned that “the latter person (winner no) did not meet the conditions for occupying the position of quality expert-specialist, as he was not a graduate of a technical faculty with an aerospace engineering profile. In this sense, it is noted that the master’s degree from the Politehnica University of Bucharest (which in any case does not equate to the fulfillment of the condition regarding the graduation of a specialized faculty) was obtained by the person in question after employment at the Higher School of Civil Aviation.”
  • Mioara Drumea and Adrian Danciu, employees of the School and members of the competition committee, “did not actually participate in the verification of the application files or the examination of the candidates for any of the tests (written and oral)” nor in the verification of the application files or the examination candidates for the oral exam. The two people “falsely signed the minutes regarding the exam organized for the position of quality specialist expert”.
  • the written works were corrected by Ana Margareta Cristina Tătaru, the head of the competition committee who was also the person who examined the candidates in the oral test, one of the two positions going to Emilia Alexandra Diaconescu, her half-sister, the one who did not meet the conditions for participation .

Coming under fire in January 2021, investigators opened an investigation during which they conducted searches and wiretapping, and the evidence gathered during the prosecution convinced several suspects to admit the facts of which they were accused and agree to be sent to the courts of plea agreements.

Thus, Mioara Drumea received 2 years with the postponement of the application of the prison sentence for committing the crime of intellectual forgery in a continuous form (sentence no. 351 of May 10, 2022 District Court 1), Adrian Danciu – a warning for the same offense (sentence no. 384 of 10 June 2022 District Court 1), Ana Margareta Cristina Tătaru – 2 years with a suspended sentence for the crime of using the position to favor certain persons (decision no. 558 of August 3, 2022 District Court 1). As a complementary punishment, Tătaru was denied the right to hold a position involving the exercise of state authority.

In another plea of ​​guilty case, admitted by the Bucharest Court on June 30, 2022, by decision 718, Emilia Alexandra Diaconescu received 3 years in prison, with suspension, for bribery and buying influence. The investigators determined that, in addition to the support he had from his half-sister, Diaconescu would have paid 3,500 euros, in several installments, as well as a bag, to another employee of the School, a Human Resources inspector, who disclosed the topics of the written test and provided him with answers to the questions. The correction of the written test was done by Tătaru.

From the corroboration of some information present in the four agreements and on the court portal, in the case of this fraudulent employment there is still one more employee of the School, head of the Office, who signed an agreement to admit guilt, the file being pending at the Court of District 1. A another employee – a specialist inspector within the Human Resources Department, the one who allegedly took the bribe from Diaconescu and provided him with the subjects – is a suspect in a file under investigation at the Prosecutor’s Office attached to the Bucharest Court of Appeal.

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