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In the summer there were news that Jānis Strēlnieks the budget of the represented CSKA will decrease by 25-30%. That is true – this year the Muscovites will have 2.38 billion rubles or 26.7 million euros, while last year – 40.62 million. Nevertheless, CSKA is still the richest club in Russia.

John Timma a Daira Bertāna Khimki ranked second with 24.1 million euros (2.149 billion rubles). A year ago, Rims Kurtinaitis and his headquarters could count on 33.04 million. Zenit in St. Petersburg will have 16.2 million euros at its disposal.

“Parma Basket” unit trained by Kaža Maksvītis, where it is played Mareks Mejeris, was able to increase the budget to 3.3 million euros. The increase is not large – last year the Perm club had 3.25 million euros at its disposal.

Budgets of Russian clubs (million EUR)

Club 2020 2019
CSKA 26.7 40.62
Khimki 24.1 33.04
Zenit 16.2 25.48
Lokomotiv Kuban 13.8 19.36
Win UNICS 9.2 14.0
Nizhny Novgorod 3.4 6.31
Parma Basket 3.3 3.25
Enisey 2.7 3.29
Avtodor 2.4 2.88

The VTB League season will start on September 20.

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