Rieta Amilia’s Story Separated from Nagita’s Father, 20 New Years Processing Divorce Letters


Rieta Amilia recently revealed the story of his household with Gideon Tengker, Bunda. He reveals how his marriage went 20 years ago.

On that occasion, Nagita Slavina’s mother recounted the beginning of her and her ex -husband’s separation. Apparently, in the beginning Rieta and Gideon had no intention of divorcing.

Rieta Amilia also revealed that at first, Rieta Amilia’s marriage to Gideon only cracked. Even then, he was not allowed to divorce by his mother-in-law.

With these conditions, Rieta and Gideo finally just separated without a divorce. Rieta reveals that her mother-in-law will take care of Gideon, while their two children are taken care of by her.

“So when I separated from my father, my father-in-law happened to be very kind. Actually, I was separated from his father, wasn’t it? divorce, just separated,” said Rieta Amilia quoted from channel YouTube Venna Melinda Channel on Thursday (11/18/2021).

“Because her mother told me, ‘Mama doesn’t want to hear the word divorce. Okay, Mama takes care of Dion, you take care of the children’. In the end, that’s all,” he continued.

However, having decided to separate, Rieta said that at that time they were no longer taken care of by Father Nagita Slavina. So that made him have to work hard for his two children.

“At first I was managing Nicky Astria, I learned how to work there. Anyway, the 4th graders, if I’m not mistaken, around 1998-1999,” said Rieta.

Narrated by Nagita, he started his career by offering to help take care of the needs of his two best friends, Nicky Astria and Sandy Nayoan. It didn’t stop there, his journey in the entertainment world began by playing in the soap opera Keluarga Cemara.

At the beginning of the divorce, Rieta admitted that it was difficult to live her life. However, he still chooses to continue working while taking care of Nagita and Chacha Tengker. “Work while taking care of children, because I have to live and the children have to go to school, because it’s really not financed by their father’s family,” added Rieta.

At that time, Rieta was determined to raise her children without the help of a babysitter. In between his busy schedule filming soap operas in Sukabumi, West Java, he still takes the time to take care of all the needs of his two daughters. such as taking the time to bathe, comb, and take care of Nagita and Chacha’s needs before leaving for school.

Rieta does not deny that her separation from Gideon made her cry and sad. However, the successful treatment of the ex-husband’s family became the trigger for his enthusiasm to get out of the slump. How is Rieta’s relationship with the Gideon family?

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