Rieke After being Removed by PDIP from the Legislative Body: I ​​Was Given an Important Task


Jakarta, CNN Indonesia –

Member of the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle Faction (PDIP) DPR Rieke Diah Pitaloka raise his voice about his removal from the post of Deputy Chair of the Legislation Agency (Baleg) DPR RI. He said the PDIP Faction had given another important task.

Rolling faction members in the leadership and AKD members are normal. My assignment from the party and faction in the Legislative Body has been completed because there are other assignments that are no less important, “Rieke said when confirmed CNNIndonesia.com, Thursday (9/7).

But he did not want to explain about the new task given by the PDIP faction to him. Rieke said the public would find out about the new assignments given in due course. He also asked the prayers of the whole community to be able to carry out new tasks from the PDIP.

“In time, the public will know too. The important thing is that the tasks need to be fully concentrated. Quite heavy, please pray for all the people of Indonesia. Bismillah,” he said.

Previously, Chairman of the DPR PDIP Faction Utut Adianto said that the change of members in the position of Deputy Chair of the House of Representatives of the Republic of Indonesia from Rieke to Nurdin was related to the heavy tasks of the Omnibus Work Copyright Bill and the Pancasila Ideology Bow Bill (HIP).

“This change is certainly not solely for ordinary refreshment or rotation. We know that in the near future Baleg will be full of heavy tasks, if we look [RUU] Omnibus Law is approaching crucial points, in addition [RUU] Omnibus Law, of course there is the HIP Bill, “Utut said at the Parliament Complex, Senayan, Jakarta on Thursday (9/7).

On the same occasion, Secretary of the Indonesian House of Representatives PDIP Faction Bambang Wuryanto said that the replacement of members in the position of Deputy Chairperson of the House of Representatives of the House of Representatives was carried out because PDIP wanted to place people who understood the problem and had high discipline.

According to him, the figure is Nurdin who is a retired Polri with the rank of commissioner general (komjen). However, he did not state that Rieke was undisciplined as a party cadre while serving in the DPR.


[Gambas:Video CNN]

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