Ridwan Kamil Reveals The Figure Who Found Eril’s Body, Turns Out To Be A Teacher

BANDUNGKOMPAS.com – The body of the eldest son of the Governor of West Java Ridwan Kamil, Emmeril Kahn Mumtadz, was found by a teacher named Geraldine Beldi. This was revealed by Ridwan Kamil through his personal Instagram, @ridwankamil.

Eril’s body was found at the Enghehalde Dam, Aare River, Bern, Switzerland, Wednesday (8/6/2022) morning local time.

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Geraldine found Eril’s body on her way to the school where she teaches.

Mrs. Gerladine Beldi’s name is @geraldine.beldi. An elementary school teacher who found Eril’s body in the Aare River, while he was walking in the morning to his teaching place,” wrote Emil, Friday (10/6/2022) night.

Seeing Eril’s body, Geraldine immediately called the local police. Upon receiving the report, the police immediately evacuated.

“Finally, Eril’s body can be lifted and saved properly,” said Emil.

Receiving this information, the man who is familiarly called Emil immediately asked to meet with Geraldine to say thank you.

“Please find the teacher, that’s my direction to the team in Bern. I have an obligation to say thank you, before returning to my homeland,” he wrote.

Emil also managed to meet Geraldine after teaching.

Alhamdulillahwaiting for him to finish teaching, at 11 we met earlier and I express my gratitude,” he said.

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