Riding the KRL must use a letter of assignment starting July 12

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia —

Ministry of Communications (Ministry of Transportation) requires passengers train commuter (KRL) to bring a Worker Registration Certificate (STRP) or other certificate issued by the local government and/or a letter of assignment signed by the head of the company with a minimum rank of echelon II.

This new provision is specifically for people who want to travel in urban agglomeration areas during the Java-Bali Emergency PPKM.

Spokesperson for the Ministry of Transportation, Adita Irawati, said that this regulation will take effect from 12 July.

The provisions apply in accordance with the issuance of Circular Letter (SE) Number 50 of 2021 concerning Amendment to SE Number 42 concerning Guidelines for the Implementation of Domestic Travel by Rail Transportation during the Covid-19 Pandemic Period.

“This is effective starting Monday, July 12, 2021, to provide an opportunity for operators to prepare and disseminate information to prospective passengers and the public,” Adita said in an official statement, Friday (9/7).

In the SE it is stated that the Letter of Assignment must be stamped or wet stamped and accompanied by an electronic signature. In addition to the document requirements, KRL passengers who can pass through the agglomeration area are only those who are office workers in essential and critical sectors.

This provision also applies to people who travel regularly using other modes of land transportation, such as private vehicles and public transportation, as well as river, lake and crossing transportation.

This provision is contained in SE Number 49 of 2021 concerning Amendments to SE Number 43 of 2021 Guidelines for the Implementation of Travel for Domestic People by Land Transportation during the Covid-19 Pandemic Period. This regulation was released in conjunction with SE 50/2021.

Adita said the new regulation was deliberately issued to reduce the number of people traveling by land transportation, crossings, and trains. This is done so that the decrease in community mobility can reach 50 percent.

“From the evaluation we carried out until the 5th day of the Emergency PPKM implementation, the level of decreased mobility in the agglomeration areas, namely in Greater Jakarta and Jakarta, was still below 30 percent compared to the period before the Emergency PPKM, be it for bus transportation, commuter KRL, and private vehicles,” he said.

Therefore, the Ministry of Transportation is coordinating with the Traffic Headquarters, the Jabodetabek Transportation Service, and the Covid-19 Handling Task Force to tighten travel requirements in agglomeration areas.

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VP Corporate Secretary of KAI Commuter, Anne Purba, added that the government, local regional officials, and related parties will check the completeness of the two letters on the access road to the station.

Prospective passengers who meet the travel requirements can use the KRL service from 04.00 to 21.00 WIB.

“Prospective users without the above requirements are not allowed to use KRL,” said Anne in a separate statement.




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