Ridderkerks Dagblad | ‘Third corona wave may pass faster than expected’

The third corona wave may become shorter and less violent than previously feared. Sources around the OMT report this to the AD site.

According to a new forecast, the busyness in intensive care units would already reach its peak in mid-April. This would mean that the third wave would be at its peak half a month earlier than Jaap van Dissel previously predicted. In a briefing to the House of Representatives, the RIVM boss then still assumed that the third corona wave would continue to swell until the beginning of May.

RIVM does not want to confirm these leaked forecasts yet. Jaap van Dissel will probably hold a technical briefing to the House again next Wednesday. Then the new expectations will be brought out. According to a RIVM spokesperson, the forecasts are constantly changing. “The closer you get to a certain date, the more data you have.”

By: ANP | Photo: ANP

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