Ridderkerks Dagblad | The Netherlands is wearing glasses en masse

Experts warn of an explosive increase in severe nearsightedness among the Dutch. The number of young people with vision problems is increasing so fast that half of the population will be nearsighted by 2050, the AD writes.

The Eye Fund speaks of an “invisible pandemic” and well-known orthoptists and ophthalmologists advocate legislation. For the Security NL Knowledge Center it is crucial to “take measures at a young age”. “What you lose you can’t get back.”

Nearsighted people have elongated, oval eyes. They can see well up close, but not in the distance. The text on a traffic sign or the subtitles of a movie or video game is therefore difficult to read. This eye defect is becoming more and more common. Among Dutch people in their sixties this is a quarter, among people in their twenties it is 50 percent. And the number is rising rapidly, according to the AD.

By: ANP | Photo: Submitted

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