Ricoune, inspired by Marcel Pagnol, enchants

The public came to the arenas of Castries last Thursday to discover Around Marcel, musical show inspired by Marcel Pagnol, written and performed by Ricoune, the native child, singer, composer, poet and imitator.

The decor is set with a giant screen and a square from which emanate sounds from the village. For nearly two hours, a dialogue is established between Ricoune and his conscience. He is guided to compose by an interior voice, that of his mentor the famous Provencal Marcel Pagnol.

The public is delighted to discover, through this original show, another facet of the artist. The register is different, thanks to a repertoire of new songs which are interspersed with sketches (Manon des sources, the baker’s wife…), and bluffing the public with his many imitations (Fernandel, de Funès, Giscard, etc.), Ricoune and Pagnol will share their time, through a journey between Provence and the Camargue, where lavender is smelled good and listen to the song of the cicadas.

The singer likes to express and share with nostalgia all the good times that we no longer find: childhood images, school memories, anecdotes… The public was very receptive to Ricoune’s songs and his show pagnolesque, because all this tells the story of the life of the people of the villages.

It’s on the famous hymn of the Coupo Santo, that this evening, which will long be remembered for a long time, ended.

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