Rico Verhoeven lives alone after his breakup: ‘I miss the children’

“I know my kids have that too. They say, ‘Daddy, you always work, you are always on the go. I did not see my son’s first steps because I was not at home at the time. If you think about that, it does hurt. ”

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Since Verhoeven and his childhood sweetheart Duchenne broke up in February, he lives without his three children. “The situation now is that I have a spacious house. And a spacious house alone is really alone. That is sometimes difficult, ”he says. “I had a bit of grief last night. I just miss the kids. Then I did shed a tear, yes. ”

According to the kickboxer, a new relationship is not possible for the time being, despite the fact that gossip magazines sometimes claim otherwise. “What I find difficult is that my private life is always on the street.” According to Verhoeven, his children sometimes suffer from this too.

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