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The Puerto Rican singer is being sued by his former manager, Rebecca Drucker, for more than 3 million dollars more than 12 billion Colombian pesos.

This is reported by the media ‘Variety’, who also confirms that this is because Martin would be owing “substantial commissions” to Druckeraccording to what can be read in the official document of the complaint.

These commissions are due to the fact that Drucker assures that without her, Martin would not be where he is now nor would he earn what he earns since, in the periods that she worked with him -from 2014 to 2018 and after 2020 to 2020- the life of the singer was “in absolute chaos”.

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According to the lawsuit, which was filed last Wednesday, June 29, in the Central District Court of Los Angeles, it is said that she took Martin to “recording contracts, tour agreements and endorsements”, in which he made a lot of money, for which he would owe commissions.

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The 15-page document also refers to a situation that apparently occurred in September 2020 in which Martin was threatened over allegations that “could end his career.”

Although Martin’s career has flourished since he rehired Rebecca as his manager in May 2020, she has been forced to deal with a litany of Martin’s personal issues.

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Drucker assures that the singer managed to get out of this situation “unscathed” and continue with his life due to his advice.

The manager also denounces threats by the singer to maintain an alleged confidentiality agreement that was signed during his working time which, according to Drucker, also ended in a “forced” way due to the artist’s lies and manipulations.

However, the woman has refused to keep quiet and is demanding a jury trial. So far, the singer has not commented on this complaint and is preparing the release of his latest EP entitled

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