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CelebritiesRicky Martin (50) is being sued by his ex-manager, Rebecca Drucker. By her own admission, she never received $3 million in commissions to which she was entitled. Martin refused to pay the sum of money, with the result that a lawsuit is now hanging over his head. “I saved Ricky’s career,” it sounds in court papers that ‘TMZ’ could see.

Ricky Martin faces a lawsuit. His ex-manager, who worked for him from 2014 to 2018, still owes the singer a sloppy 3 million dollars (about 2.9 million euros) because of commissions. The entertainment site ‘TMZ’ says on the basis of obtained court papers, among other things, that Rebecca Drucker is also claiming compensation.

The former manager worked for the singer for four years, but was suddenly called up by Martin again in 2020, because he was having a hard time on a personal and professional level. She would have ensured that he got his life back in order and that thanks to her he again received all kinds of new contracts. For example, Drucker would be the reason that he could go on tour with singer Enrique Iglesias, a tour that earned him millions. She also rescued him from distress when a legal complaint threatened in 2020. The allegation would ultimately never have seen the light of day, thanks to the services Drucker allegedly provided. Martin escaped unscathed.

Rebecca Drucker says she also helped the singer out at the time with “unspecified allegations” that could jeopardize or seriously damage Martin’s career. It is unclear which allegations are involved, but the matter would have been clarified in the meantime.

The singer is said to have been asked several times to pay the sum of money, but has repeatedly refused to do so. He also allegedly threatened her and forced her to sign a ‘non-disclosure agreement’. Ricky Martin’s spokesmen, and the singer himself, have not yet responded to the charges.


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