Richarlison’s Action After Breaking Chelsea’s Goal Worth a Card?


richarlison be decisive for victory Everton above Chelsea. But his actions after scoring that goal made him considered worthy of a card.

There was only one goal that was born at Goodison Park when Everton hosted Chelsea, Sunday (1/5) night WIB. Richarlison was the printer in the 46th minute.

The game itself was fierce. Referee Kevin Friend issued a total of no less than eight yellow cards, three for the hosts and the rest for the visitors, during 2×45 minutes of game time.

And a number of netizens argue that another yellow card should be shown to Richarlison, for his actions after breaking into the Blues goal.

At that moment, Richarlison’s action of sending the ball into the Chelsea goal made the Toffees fans roar with joy, including throwing blue flares onto the field.

It didn’t go unnoticed richarlison. He then picked up the flare and made it part of his goal celebration. He threw the flare again at the stands of the audience.

What Richarlison did can be seen as a form of joy after celebrating a goal. Moreover, Everton are struggling to get out of the death zone. On the other hand, there are those who think that this is still against the rules.

In fact, all forms of firecrackers are prohibited in all English stadiums. Fans are also not allowed to take him in. In other words, Goodison Park was missed, especially since Richarlison took advantage of this firecracker.

“Did Richarlison just pick up a lit flare and throw it at the crowd? At the live broadcast, watched by the referee and VAR, but nothing happened?” a netizen tweeted SportBible.

“Can anyone explain to me why richarlison didn’t get a red card after throwing flares back at the crowd?” said another.

What do you think about it?


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