Richarlison and Pickford apologized for the hard hit in the derby. But Van Dijk needs surgery

Everton striker Richarlison publicly apologized for a hard hit on Liverpool footballer Thiag Alcantara at the end of Saturday’s Premier League derby, which ended in a 2-2 draw. The Spanish midfielder finished the match after a foul for which Richarlison was disqualified, but suffered an unspecified injury.

Peter Byrne, Reuters

“Everyone who knows me knows I’m not a violent player,” Richarlison, a 23-year-old Brazilian, said in a statement. “I have already sent him a message to apologize to him, and I am still doing it publicly. I hope he is not injured and everything is fine,” added last year’s winner Copy América.

Liverpool defender Virgil van Dijk was much worse off than Alcántara, who had to resign after the intervention of Everton goalkeeper Jordan Pickford. The Dutch stopper has to have surgery with his knee ligaments and he will probably have a break of several months. The English national team goalkeeper escaped for a hard run to Van Dijk without penalty.

Liverpool captain Jordan Henderson said after the match that his teammate Pickford regretted the operation. “Everyone’s asking us, so I think it was on the red card. It wasn’t a nice intervention. To be fair to Jordan, he came to me after the match, apologized, and told me to tell Virgil,” Henderson said.


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