Rich countries are said to have bought up more than half of the Covid-19 vaccine candidates

WASHINGTON DC, – a group rich country, representing 13 percent of the world‘s population, reportedly bought more than half of the vaccine candidates Covid-19.

The news is based on reports from non-governmental organizations Oxfam which analyzes data that has been collected by an analysis company, Airfinity.

Oxfam created the data after researching agreements made by pharmaceutical companies on five vaccine candidates that were already in their final stages of trials.

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As for five candidates the Covid-19 vaccine included in their research are AstraZeneca, Gamaleya / Sputnik, Moderna, Pfizer and Sinovac.

The NGO calculated that the combined production capacity of these five drugs could reach 5.3 billion doses. Enough for about three billion people in the world.

Reported AFP Thursday (17/9/2020), currently an agreement has been signed for procurement coronavirus vaccine is 5.3 billion doses.

Of that amount, about 51 percent or 2.7 billion doses were purchased by developed countries such as the US, UK, European Union, Japan and Israel.

Then the remaining or 2.6 billion doses are purchased, or at least promised to be distributed to Bangladesh, China, Indonesia and Mexico.

“Access to this important vaccine shouldn’t depend on what money you have or where you live,” said Robert Silverman of Oxfam America.

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Silverman explained that the development of drugs for the corona virus is indeed crucial, with testing it must be done carefully.

Even so, he emphasized that the vaccine should be available to anyone. “Covid-19 is everywhere. They are everywhere,” he stressed.

In Oxfam’s investigation, one of the vaccine candidates developed by Moderna received a transaction of around US $ 2.5 billion (Rp.37.1 trillion).

However, the Massachusetts-based company decided to sell to a rich country because it was already intent on making a profit.

Therefore, Oxfam and other organizations are calling for the vaccine to be widely distributed, free of charge.

“This can happen if pharmaceutical companies eliminate patents and knowledge transfer, instead of monopolizing and selling them to the highest bidder,” they said.

They explained that the estimated cost of providing a broad vaccine is less than one percent compared to the estimated loss due to Covid-19 for the Earth.

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