“Rice Prices plummet in Egypt with approaching harvest season”

I backed off Rice prices today Friday strongly, for the first time in months after the price of a kilo reached 35 pounds, as the price of a ton of rice and barley lost about 4 thousand pounds at once, especially with the approaching rice harvest season, which is about two and a half months left.

4 thousand pounds

According to dealers the rice The price of a ton of barley decreased by 4 thousand pounds, dropping from 20 thousand pounds to 16 thousand pounds, which in turn will lead to a strong decline in the price of white rice in the market.

The price of rice

The price of a kilo of rice

The price of packed rice in the market ranges from 28 to 35 pounds, depending on the fraction, while the price of rice on ration cards is 12.60 pounds per kilo.

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new low

For his part, Hussein Abu Saddam, head of the Peasants Syndicate, said that Egypt has it Self-sufficiency in rice, and unjustified increases in its prices as a result of the greed and exploitation of merchants and consumers buying more than they need.

The Peasants’ Syndicate revealed that Prices The rice commodity will decline in the coming period, as a result of the approaching rice harvest season.

2023-05-19 02:46:00
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