Ricardo Rosselló says goodbye on the networks

Former Governor Ricardo Rosselló Nevares reappeared on social networks.

On this occasion, he does it again by the hand of his wife Beatriz, who published a photo of both while celebrating the arrival of 2020.

The image, published on the social network Instagram, shows the smiling couple with an extremely close focus. The former first lady appears with a headband, while Rosselló Nevares wears a hat.

Beatriz Rosselló accompanied the photo with a short message: “In good company waiting for # 2020”.

I couldíto interest:

The family remains in the United States after the resignation of the former ruler during last July.

At that time, hundreds of thousands of Puerto Ricans took to the streets to ask for their exit, to which the then first executive refused, but ended up giving in.

Following the resignation, Rosselló Nevares has only been sighted once on social media – in a publication of his wife during Thanksgiving.

In the publication, the comments of his followers did not wait with several dedicating good wishes.


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