Ricardo Regufe Ceases to Track the National Team (Seleção) on Social Media.

Ricardo Regufe, now Cristiano Ronaldo’s representative, will no longer be part of the National Team’s delegations, which he has accompanied, from the inside, uninterruptedly, for the last almost 20 years. It was Ricardo Regufe himself who asked the Portuguese Football Federation (FPF) not to be part of the team’s delegations.

Federation officials understand and respect the request and reasons invoked by Regufe (a particular friend of Cristiano Ronaldo), in a decision that coincides, moreover, with a new stage in his professional life.

Ricardo Regufe, remember, was directly involved, as a representative, in the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo to Al Nassr, from Saudi Arabia, with which the captain of the Portuguese team signed a contract right after the World Cup that was played in Qatar.

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