RIBOCA announces the name, participants and venues of the Third Biennale – Arts – Culture +

The Biennale is called “Exercises in Respect”. The main venue, Andrejsala, will feature works by 63 artists.

Priedīte explained that the artists’ vision as the conceptual starting point of the exhibition allows the creation of the RIBOCA3 exhibition to be positioned as a space for experimental expressions free from previously accepted ideas. It is expected that the works on display at the Biennale will function in their own right, inspiring discussions that are not subject to the theme of the exhibition.

According to the representative of the organizers of the Biennale, the title “Exercises of Dignity” emphasizes the idea that each work of art should be viewed separately, but at the same time they all fit into the concept and context of the Biennale.

Also in 2022, the main venue of the biennial will be the more than 20 hectare area of ​​Andrejsala, where the trade port used to be. Priedīte noted that the environment in which an abandoned power plant, a port, grain storage facilities, meadows, hangars and other elements of industrial architecture coexist has served as the source of inspiration for the Block, choosing the participants of the exhibition:

The second venue of the Biennale will be the Museum of Decorative Arts and Design (DMDM) in Old Riga. It will feature graphics by 38 internationally renowned artists, previously created for the Blok-curated Biennials in Hamburg in 1985, Sydney in 1990, Istanbul in 1995 and Cetinje in 2004. Some of RIBOCA3’s main exhibitors will also be represented at this exhibition.

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Priedite said that more than half of the works that will be exhibited in the main exhibition will be newly created – inspired by the social and historical contexts of the city.

Photo: Announcement of the artistic concept of RIBOCA2 in Venice.

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