Riau Covid-19 Patients Soaring, Eid Al-Adha Prayer in Mosque Must Implement Strict Health Protocol

PEKANBARU – Spokesperson for the Covid-19 Countermeasure Acceleration in Riau Province, Dr. Indra Yovi could not be certain whether the Eid Al-Adha 1441 Hijriyah prayer this year could be and was safe to be carried out in the field or not. Because, lately the Covid-19 case in Riau has jumped again. In fact, for today alone, on Tuesday (7/21/2020), there were an additional 23 positive cases of Covid-19 in a day.Seeing current conditions, Yovi also suggested that Eid Al-Adha prayers should be done in the field so that they should not be done first, and it is better to pray in mosques with strict health protocols. “I don’t know what the Eid Al-Adha prayer protocol is like. Is the field allowed with conditions like this? “Yovi said in the Riau Province Regional Building, Tuesday (7/21/2020). He gave an illustration, that the Eid-ul Fitr Eid time in Riau was not as positive as the current case, but no one held prayers in the field.“Now with this many cases it is not possible to feel that Eid Al-Adha Prayer is also carried out in the field. Eid prayer in the mosque may still be able to implement strict health protocols,” he continued. in accordance with the SE of the Ministry of Religion (Kemenag) regarding the implementation of slaughtering sacrificial animals. “I do not memorize the details of the protocol, but there are already protocols from the Ministry of Religion such as how to cut, who attends, the distance between cuts, all must wear masks, that’s for sure,” he said. “Later the Riau Ministry of Religion is issuing SE which is distributed to mosques and prayer rooms, remembering that in nine days we have already celebrated the feast of sacrifice, “he said. ***
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