Rianna and rapper A $ AP Rocky’s baby have been born

According to TMZ, the boy has been born, but the name has not been revealed yet. The baby was born on May 13 in Los Angeles.

Rianna deserved special attention during her pregnancy, as she showed off her belly in a variety of fashions and could even say she broke stereotypes about what her expectant mother should look like.

“Nine-ten months is a long time and it should be enjoyed. I try to do my best. And since fashion is one of my favorite things, I try to define what pregnancy really means to be a mother. Sometimes I feel uncomfortable, so I get dirty and pretend, ”Rianna told the press earlier.

It should be noted that until recently, the new father – A $ AP Rocky – was arrested at the Los Angeles airport when the couple returned from a vacation in the singer’s home country of Barbados. The rapper is currently on bail, but is facing real imprisonment for many years. An incident involving the use of a firearm came to light last November. Rapper blames his acquaintance for shooting after a dispute in Hollywood last fall.

If Rakim Maiers is found guilty, he faces up to one year in prison and a $ 1,000 fine under probation, as well as probation for the offense under the California Penal Code. If convicted of a deadly assault, Maiers could spend up to four years in state prison and face a $ 10,000 probation.

Anonymous informants told HollywoodLife that the rapper could face a much longer term of imprisonment.

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