Riad Sattouf presents live in 150 cinemas “The Arab of the future 5”, in bookstores on November 5th

“The Arab of the Future 5” is the penultimate of Riad Sattouf’s best-selling series.

Riad Sattouf’s successful series The Arab of the future, a youth in the Middle East (Allary Editions) recounts the childhood and adolescence of the author, eldest son of a French mother and a Syrian father. History took us on board during the first four volumes between Colonel Gaddafi’s Libya, Hafez Al-Assad’s Syria and Brittany.

>> “The Arab of the future” by Riad Sattouf: how a simplistic comic book has become a literary phenomenon

Volume 5 arrives in bookstores on November 5, 2020 with great fanfare: Riad Sattouf presents the day before, November 4 at 8 p.m. this new opus in an exceptional conference simultaneously broadcast in 150 cinemas in France, Switzerland and Belgium in partnership with Pathé Live. This is the first time that this device, usually reserved for the Opera, the theater or the dance, has been devoted to a literary evening.

Volume 5 of The Arab of the Future opens in 1992. We had left in the previous episode Riad adolescent, left alone with his mother after his father fled to Syria kidnapping his little brother. The young Riad, here still in the thankless age of adolescence, takes refuge in drawing and paranormal experiences. Thanks to his classmates, he discovers the science fiction author Lovecraft, and he meets the love of his life in the person of Anaïck. While Riad lives his teenage life, his mother tries everything to get her youngest son back.

The first four volumes of Arabic of the future have sold 2 million copies in France and have been translated into 22 languages. The author ofEsther, the other series that the author deploys in parallel with Arabic of the future, received the Fauve d’or in 2014 at the Angoulême international comic book festival and school publishers seized its plates for their literature textbooks for high school students.

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