Ria, the daughter of Mary and Miro from “Mary Boys Band”, with the first song and video

The 19-year-old musician filmed “Our Dream” on a karting track

Ria, the daughter of Mary and Miro from the “Mary Boys Band”, real name Maria Miroslavova, confidently walks the line, true to her genes. Ria is 19 years old and is already a multi-instrumentalist, vocalist and songwriter. She presented her first song days ago.

Maria is named after her mother. Like her, she’s good at math.

He has been playing the piano and taking solfeggio lessons since the age of five. Until the seventh grade he studied at the National Music School “Lyubomir Pipkov” with a degree in piano and second instrument classical guitar, after which he graduated with honors from the Sofia Mathematical High School and continued his education with “Computer Animation and Visual Effects” in Manchester.

Ria made her first steps in popular music by performing the concert for the 45th anniversary of SMG in Hall 1 of the National Palace of Culture, followed by many performances on open stages, the Variety in Borisova Garden and charity events. For several years he performed as a vocalist for the band LIFT, with which he performed tributes to the Red Hot Chili Peppers and the Beatles. Later, with friends from high school, he formed the group 58 Degrees. After a series of successful concerts with covers of favorite hits, the young musicians began to compose original music.

Her first single, which she boasted of these days, is called “Our Dream”. In it, she performs the vocal and most of the instrumental parts on her own. The text is based on Rio Bravo’s poem “Happy Ashes”. The recordings were made by Iskren Iskrenov in the Vinyl studio. The video of “Our Dream” was shot on the Karting Track “Krasna Polyana” by the creative tandem Vasil Stefanov and Stefka Nikolova. The stylist is Dimitrina Ivanova. The video features musicians from the bands 58 Degrees and Nonsense, and her friends Jeni, Kali, Yavor and Adi.


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