Ria Ricis Gives Luxury Hampers To Its Employees

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On the eve of the feast Eid Al-Fitr, giving each other hampers lately many do. Hampers usually contain Eid pastries, clothes and more. The country’s celebrities also distributed hampers to relatives.

One of them Nagita Slavina which gives hampers containing luxury goods to each of its employees. One of the issues in Raffi Ahmad’s wife is Iphone 12.

Not wanting to be outdone by Nagita Slavina, Ria Ricis also provides hampers for her employees. This is known from the Tiktok Ria Ricis video that he shared on his personal account recently.

In the video, it can be seen that Ria Ricis is very enthusiastic about sharing the hampers she has prepared. In the hampers belonging to Ria Ricis, there is a bouquet containing the Rp 50 thousand denomination.

“Finally the long-awaited thing arrived. Today I want to share this almost with the Ricis team. And I’ve already prepared this bouquet of money, I hope they like it,” said Ria Ricis.

Not only a bouquet of money, Ria Ricis has also prepared a number of other special gifts, one of which is a gold necklace.

“And I also prepared this gold necklace. Then there are cookies too. Bismillahirrahmanirrahim,” concluded Ria Ricis.

Suddenly the employees Ric Ricci it was dumbfounded when he found out the contents of the hampers shared by the youtuber.

“Look at his face, he was really surprised,” said Ria Ricis when giving hampers to one of her team.

“I don’t think so, but suddenly he was very happy. Alhamdulillah everyone was also very shocked,” he continued.

Not only that, Ria Ricis has also prepared other luxurious gifts hampers the. Ria Ricis provides a number of branded items such as bags, wallets to bracelets.

“And I’ve also prepared a set. That’s the point. And there is also a bracelet, it’s really pretty,” said Ria Ricis.

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