RI Has the 2nd Largest ‘Treasure’ in the World, Amounting to 800 Thousand Tons!


The Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM) stated that Indonesia has treasure the second largest energy source in the world. Treasure what is meant is lead.

Director General of Mineral and Coal at the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, Ridwan Djamaluddin, said that Indonesia’s position on tin reserves is currently below China’s. There are hundreds of thousands of tons of tin reserves in Indonesia.

“Our tin is number 2 in the world, number 1 is China, no one can fight China. Then our reserves are 800 thousand tons of tin reserves. If the world is 4.7 million tons, it’s quite a lot,” Ridwan said at the DPR some time ago, written (23/6/2022).

Ridwan explained that the data on tin reserves in Indonesia is equivalent to 17 percent of the world’s tin reserves. This amount is still less than China’s tin reserves but above Brazil’s. “Meanwhile, the contribution of China’s tin reserves to the world reached 23%, Brazil 15%, and Australia 8%,” said Ridwan.

In more detail, Ridwan explained, 91% treasure in the form of domestic tin reserves are in the Bangka Belitung Islands.

“This is what has been a sign of the democratization of the tin industry, which was previously PT Timah, which as a player of 1-2 private players since then, there have been a lot of activities that have contributed if we look at the positive connotations. However, it also contains risks in daily reality,” he explained.

The record is that there are currently 482 tin Mining Business Permits (IUP) in Bangka Belitung. Of that number, only 2 IUPs are conducting exploration. The remaining 480 are operating in production.

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“But not all of these IUPs are operational. So far the regulation is that tin from mining is allowed for export, it must meet the minimum processing and refining limit of 99.9%,” he said,

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