Reznikov: My task is to prepare the country for joining NATO / GORDON

“Do you sympathize or congratulate?” – he said in response to the presenter’s congratulations on his new position. Then the journalist asked why Reznikov needed such changes.

“This was the proposal and instruction of the President of Ukraine. Since I made a decision for myself to stay in public service and not sit on the couch and tell how you can do something better. I think you can do better – go and do it. So for now. here is a new stage in life. Responsible, difficult. I am experiencing, “- said the head of the Ministry of Defense.

He said that now “the plan of the supreme commander is such that we need to communicate with the world, develop military diplomacy along with civilian diplomacy.”

“Because the political decision to join [Украины] in NATO, for example, as in the alliance – it will be adopted sometime. But we need to prepare for this. We need to fill out a framework agreement with the United States, to deal with corruption in the Armed Forces in terms of procurement, I mean the Ministry of Defense. We need to equalize salaries so that this is an understandable system. And when you begin to understand this, you realize that, in principle, this is a task for a lawyer too, for a negotiator. Therefore, I think the president decided to use my skills and experience today in this direction, “the minister added.

Reznikov stressed that he would work on integration into NATO “unambiguously, because it is provided for in the Constitution.”

“Our movement – towards NATO – another option is not being discussed. Therefore, I have a task, among other things, to prepare the country. Since today the Armed Forces are protecting you and me, our sovereignty, independence, Therefore, in fact, my karma is a lawyer – I will simply serve the Armed Forces of Ukraine, “added the head of the Ministry of Defense.


Ukraine stepped up cooperation with NATO in 2014 against the backdrop of the occupation of Crimea by Russia and the armed conflict in Donbass. At the end of 2014, the Verkhovna Rada adopted a law that provides for the refusal of Ukraine from the policy of “non-aligned”… In accordance with the Military Doctrine of Ukraine, adopted in 2015, deepening cooperation with NATO is a priority.

On February 7, 2019, the Ukrainian parliament adopted a law on amending the Constitution provisions on the strategic course of the state to acquire full membership of Ukraine in the European Union and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. Law entered effective February 21.

In 2018, NATO recognized Ukraine postgraduate country status – candidate for membership in the Alliance, in 2020 Ukraine received the status of an advanced partner.

On June 14, 2021, a NATO summit was held in Brussels, in the final communiqué of which it was noted that the Alliance supports Ukraine’s entry into NATO.

US President Joe Biden said that Russian aggression will not become an obstacle for Ukraine’s accession to NATO… At the same time, answering the question whether Ukraine will receive an action plan for NATO membership, he said that “it remains to be seen” and first, Ukraine must root out corruption.

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba said in July that Ukraine wants to get from NATO specific information about the prospects of joining the Alliance… “If Russia is the reason, do not tell us that it is because of the lack of reforms,” ​​the minister emphasized.

According to Kremlin Speaker Dmitry Peskov, Ukraine’s entry into the Alliance will force Russia take “active measures”… In response, Kuleba stated that Kiev is not interested in Russia’s opinion on the accession of Ukraine to NATO.

On October 20, during a visit to Kiev, the head of the Pentagon Lloyd Austin noted that “no third country” has no veto for Ukraine’s entry into NATO. In response, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the US Secretary of Defense “opens NATO doors to Ukraine”.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said that Russia should not be afraid of Ukraine joining NATOas it is a defensive alliance.

3 November parliament dismissed Minister of Defense of Ukraine Andriy Taran, who headed the department since March 2020.

Reznikov headed the Ministry on the reintegration of the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine from March 2020. November 1, 2021 he wrote a letter of resignation… November 3 Rada voted for the resignation of Reznikov, she was supported by 329 people’s deputies.

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy November 3 submitted a submission to parliament on the appointment of Reznikov as Minister of Defense.

November 4th Rada appointed Reznikov Minister of Defense.

Reznikov did not want to lead defense department, David Arahamia, head of the Servant of the People parliamentary faction, told reporters. He explained that in this position the authorities wanted to see “a good, experienced manager who is respected in the international environment, who can establish all business processes in the Ministry for supplying the army.”



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