Reznikov about Chongar: There will be an investigation


The issue of demining the bridge in Chongar will be investigated after the war

Demining processes are exclusively under the control of the military, and after the end of the war, the situation with the bridge will be considered by the relevant services.

The issue of mining and demining objects is within the competence of the military, not the civilian leadership. After Ukraine’s victory in the war, an investigation will be conducted into the situation with the bridge in Chongar, Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov said in an interview. UP.

“This issue was discussed at a meeting of the relevant parliamentary committee. I was there together with General (Valery) Zaluzhny, our commander-in-chief and chief of the General Staff, General (Sergey) Shaptala. Our military gave the following explanation that after the victory, an appropriate investigation would be carried out. And in If the facts are established that a crime was committed by one of the military or representatives of other forces of the security and defense sector, they will definitely be held accountable,” the head of the Defense Ministry stressed.

At the moment, the task is to win the war and only then look for those responsible for clearing Chongar and other bridges on the Crimean isthmuses.

“These are questions of the military and they themselves are interested in conducting such an investigation. And the facts are all being collected today, recorded, including by the Security Service, counterintelligence. – something – this is definitely not for the civilian part of the government, this is a question for the management of the security and defense sector. That is, people in uniform who were responsible for this direction,” Reznikov noted.

At the same time, the minister, citing the military, pointed out that blowing up the bridge would not have stopped the enemy’s advance.

“There are ten more passages from Crimea by land, and not by bridges! And therefore, undermining the bridge would not affect the ability of the Russians to move in this direction. This was responsibly said by one of the military generals, who is now in political opposition, I am from him for the first time heard,” the head of the Defense Ministry added.

Earlier, information appeared on the network that Russian troops quickly occupied the Kherson region in the first days of a full-scale invasion, because the Ukrainian side cleared the administrative border with Crimea before the start of the war.

At the General Staff for this declaredthat “the bridge was mined”, but the Armed Forces of Ukraine had to confront the enemy’s forces that were 15 times superior.

Recall Reznikov called the “main mistake” of the Russian Federation during the invasion of Ukraine. The Russians went on the offensive on February 24 without forming strike groups. This is what allowed the Armed Forces of Ukraine to destroy their supply chains.

Zelensky did not announce a counteroffensive in the south – Reznikov

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