Reyna Moreno finds in art a form of peace and a means to express her emotions

BEAUTIFUL, SON.- Painting is an expression of art that seeks to capture the ideas, emotions and thoughts of those who create the works. In Hermosillo, there are artists who, despite adversity, continue to create paintings for the love of the trade.

Reyna Moreno Arvayo, plastic and graphic artist, commented that since he has memories he had an intrinsic interest in art and digital, then in 2018 he began to feel the need to experiment with color and texture mainly, touch them and more the subject of what? It is art and why the human need for its existence? Because this generated a stimulus, which he sees as part of this internal dialogue and that search for who he is or we are.

What inspires me to create my paintings a lot is part of the internal dialogue, accommodating ideas and the coherence of the line, its colors. Sometimes it is a matter of “representing” something that you want to communicate and the medium is the images, other times it is a natural need of the being, which is released through it, sometimes it is also a way of appreciating / understanding a certain moment”, He explained.

Likewise, the 27-year-old young woman from Hermosillo stressed that nowadays she only tries to paint when she is calm, in harmony or simply with that intention.

Photo: Courtesy
Photo: Courtesy
Photo: Courtesy

A calm environment is usually pleasant for her but also completely the opposite, since it changes her perspective, however, it does not remain there.

The technique he uses to generate his works is practically anything that generates visual stimuli: release ink, volume, absorb light and / or shadow, or record images such as photography.

Incenses and aromas in general are part of the moment and it is important to me. If it is about recording something momentary, perhaps photography is a good option or ink. The Chinese ink or watercolors ‘for the ephemeral’ that if you apply water to it will distort, if it is something where I will spend hours and hours of reflection, the oil seems an excellent option“, he pointed.

He is currently working on three main projects related to artistic culture, one is to launch a store that promotes local 100% Sonoran artistic material and their respective services in which he has been working, to form a space to publicize what they do and who the people are. artists from Sonora, and nowadays he constantly experiments with ideas and materials that convey harmony and peace.

From my perspective, there are few works that I have done but I am satisfied with it, in the plastic field I have a long way to go and experiment and I feel that I have a lifetime to enjoy that process”, He expressed.

Finally, he added that he hopes to continue discovering who he is and have fun in his process, “it’s like playing and I’m willing to do what he has to show me and how far he wants to go. There are things that one reserves for oneself and it is fine like that, while there are others that one seeks the need to be exposed and seen, given feedback or simply expressed and in due course it will make the necessary resonance”.

They can follow the work of Reyna on Facebook as @reynamarvayo.

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