Reyna is under threat, Elsa gives special orders to assassins, Andin is critical of the love bond

BUSINESS POTENTIAL – Prediction Love Bond May 1, 2022, will likely reveal a mysterious person who is trying to finish off Ricky.

Meanwhile Reyna under threat while camping with Nino at Pondok Pelita with Papa Surya and Mama Sarah.

In another story, Andin drooping limp because he had experienced critical due to fatigue and a very heavy burden of thought.

The story Love Bond which is still the most popular in entertaining audiences at home.

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Impressions Love Bond can be seen again tonight at 20.30 WIB on the RCTI screen and live streaming.

The latest story tonight, maybe Ricky will continue to influence Elsa about Nino’s behavior.

Ricky previously came to the prison to meet Elsa. At that meeting, Elsa looks more comfortable when meeting Ricky.

Even Elsa tells the story if he feels that there is a change that Nino shows to Keisha and himself.

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