rewrite this title The US Freely Deploys 100 Nuclear Bombs to 5 European Countries, Why is Putin Protested?

The United States has deployed around 100 B61 nuclear bombs to five European countries over the decades. Russian President Vladimir Putin wants to deploy nuclear weapons to Belarus has been protested. Photo/USAF

MOSCOW – Presidential Announcement Vladimir Putin that Russia will deploy nuclear weapons tactics to Belarus were protested Ukraine European Union, United States of America (USA) and NATO. Even though America has been free to deploy similar weapons to five NATO countries in Europe for decades.

Quoting from the report ReutersTuesday (28/3/2023), the US has about 200 tactical nuclear weapons, half of which are located at six bases in five European countries.

The 12-foot-tall B61 nuclear bombs, with a yield of between 0.3 and 170 kilotons, were deployed by the Americans to six airbases in Italy, Germany, Turkiye, Belgium and the Netherlands.

Just to note, the atomic bomb dropped by the United States on the City of Hiroshima, Japan, in 1945 had a power of about 15 kilotons.

Another report from the newspaper The morningwhich obtained the draft from Belgian Greens MP Wouter De Vriendt, the US stores about 150 B61 nuclear bombs at six military bases in Europe.

Locations include Kleine Brogel in Belgium, Büchel in Germany, Aviano and Ghedi-Torre in Italy, Volkel in the Netherlands and Incirlik in Turkiye.

According to the newspaper report, Volkel Air Base housed up to 20 nuclear bombs, while Kleine Brogel Air Base reportedly housed 10 to 20 such bombs.

Italy, which is the only country on the list with two nuclear bases, is estimated to have the US’s largest stockpile of nuclear bombs, at between 60 and 70 units.

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