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Talking to the police has repeatedly confirmed to me that scamming or broker fraud is an increasingly common crime. The scammers run ads, use alleged celebrity endorsements without their knowledge, and offer great winning opportunities.

If you have made deposits with the broker, you need to react quickly. The provider is probably acting criminally and your money can disappear.

‘Invest Like Celebrities’ Scam

In social networks, parts of television shows or photos of stars such as Jauch or Thelen are illegally used for advertising. Advertisements claim that celebrities like Thelen or Jauch have secret knowledge and can quickly build up capital as a result. The scammers want to pass on this alleged knowledge.

For the celebrities whose photos are being used unlawfully, preventing these abusive acts is hardly realistic. The perpetrators act anonymously and are difficult to catch. With repeatedly changing websites and changing server infrastructures, the perpetrators keep escaping the state authorities.

Fraud over the phone

A lot of fraud happens over the phone. It is probably easier to convince potential customers on the phone.

Private matters are also a topic in the phone calls. The contact person also gives details of his private life, at least that is what it appears to be.

With such confidence-building measures, the basis for fraud is then laid.

I’m embarrassed about my trust now

From time to time, I have come to know that those affected by fraud in the area of ​​​​investment are ashamed of the fact that they have fallen victim to fraud and therefore do not communicate with other people. This is understandable, but short-sighted.

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The fraudulent gangs operate in such a way that virtually anyone can fall for it. There is no reason to be ashamed. In fact, it is imperative that you open up to a friend. Otherwise you are completely isolated and ultimately become incapacitated. would benefit from this. Discuss what happened with an uninvolved third party.

Who owns the broker?

On the websites of the online brokers, it is often not possible to determine who operates the trading business and who is the owner. An imprint that meets the legal requirements is missing in all cases.

Contrary to legal requirements, no exact address is given and information on the management, for example the surname and first name of the managing director, is not published.

This makes it unclear to customers who is responsible for the online broker’s business within the management. Online brokers cleverly use anonymity to develop their fraudulent activities.

Fraudulent Investigations

In fact, I see time and time again in my casework that clients fall for more scams following scam brokers. Alleged investigation service providers, who advertise with 100% success, get in touch with those affected.

By way of example, it is then stated in corresponding contacts that funds are to be reclaimed from the original criminals and their trustees. It then goes on to have appeals and local criminal investigation departments as a back-up to return the funds. The argument put forward is that the agents are “100% safe but dangerous”.

In one case, it was described that access to the perpetrators’ systems could be implemented with the help of a “digital virus” that was “grafted” into a file.

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It should also be possible to get back payments in digital currencies such as Bitcoin.

Such alleged “detective agencies” require payment in advance. Under no circumstances should you accept such offers with an IT virus or other “shady” procedures.

Are my bitcoin payments gone forever?

Funds deposited by scam companies are often paid out anonymously via the blockchain as Bitcoin using crypto exchanges. Those affected keep asking themselves whether they can get these payments back.

According to German law, the investors have acquired ownership of the respective cryptocurrencies. If the cryptocurrencies are forwarded to unknown third parties through fraud, the original purchaser remains the owner.

Nevertheless, it is difficult in practice to enforce the property rights that still exist in international legal transactions. However, this finding is not static.

Since some wealthy investors are also affected by fraud, legal attacks are being launched to regain ownership. We expect that in the coming months there will also be interesting legal opportunities to recover your cryptocurrencies.

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