Rewe supermarket sign causes stir: Customers warned not to put deposit receipt in their mouth

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Von: Armin T. Linder

A Rewe sign from Hesse once again causes a stir and shakes heads. Was that really necessary? Apparently yes.

Taunusstein – bizarre signs can be found again and again in the supermarket, even handwritten. For example, the Note on a row of Aldi shopping trolleys causing a stir – for which there was probably a justification. For months now, a handwritten note in a transparent sleeve has become more famous. He should be in one rewebranch in Taunusstein (Hessen), even if this is not officially confirmed.

A photo was posted on the “Notes Of Germany” Instagram page as early as December 2022 and has since received more than 1,400 likes and numerous astonished comments. Something similar is happening now Reddit. Another picture landed there, apparently the same sign, but a different shot. Another Rewe customer may have also discovered the note and also picked up his cell phone.

Rewe sign informs customers of failure: Please do not put the deposit receipt in your mouth!

The note reads: “Dear customers, for reasons of hygiene, we ask you not to put the empties receipts in your mouth. Thank you very much!” The Rewe team probably didn’t know what else to do to take action against slipped slips of paper. And indeed Isn’t it the first sign of this type to cause a stir.

Reddit users are also scratching their heads. “There is a story behind every sign. Honestly, I don’t know if I want to hear this story,” writes one. Another says he needs to clarify: “The story is quite simple. People have their hands full, pieces of paper are put between their lips and then packed up again when their hands are free. Seen it more than once.” This already answers the question of whether the sign is really necessary.

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Apparently the same sign from the Rewe in Taunusstein: Another photo landed on Reddit. © Reddit

Rewe sign on Reddit: Alleged ex-supermarket employees also have their say

Several users who, according to their own statements, work in a supermarket or have been in the past, also spoke up, for example with this: “I also worked in the supermarket and can confirm that. I also always found the people super disgusting who licked their thumbs, took a note out of their wallet and pressed it into my hand to get if I just stand too close.”

Another consumer feels a bit caught out: “To be fair, when my hands are too full to put things away properly, I often put things like receipts or my bank card between my lips. I just don’t want to leave it at the checkout… But with things that someone else has to touch again? Fie.” Speaking of which Deposit machine: what does the “50 Euro beer” ad at Rewe actually mean? (lin)

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