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In the US state of North Dakota, a bill has been introduced to ban the admission of furry students to classes. These are people who dress up in animal costumes and identify with them. Moreover, the revolutionary document prohibits calling transgender people by pronouns that do not correspond to their real gender, NBC News reports.

According to the publication, if the bill is passed, the ban on the admission of furry students to classes will be extended to both public and private schools.

One of the sponsors of the bill is a member of the North Dakota House of Representatives. Lori Vanwinkle testifies: there really are students in the state who identify themselves not with people, but, for example, with cats or dogs.

Believe it or not, a breakthrough bill requires teachers to use pronouns corresponding to their birth sex when referring to transgender students. It is noted that educational institutions that violate the mentioned rules can be fined up to 500 thousand dollars.

Izvestia recalls that in December last year, the Cambridge English Dictionary expanded the definition of the word “man”. In addition to the definition of “male person”, it now also refers to “an adult person who lives and defines himself as a male”, even if he was a different sex at birth.

Similarly, the definition of the word “woman” was expanded to include “an adult who lives and defines himself as a woman, even if he was assigned a different gender at birth.”

But I wonder if these same furries at school and at work bark / meow or still speak the hated human language ?!

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And how will it be on a dog: where is this world heading?!

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