Revolution in the Copa America tournament! Important changes have been officially announced

We got to know the details of the next Copa America tournament. There will be historical changes in the competition.

Theoretically, only teams from the CONMEBOL zone should participate in the tournament. In recent years, however, teams from other continents have also been invited.

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For example, in the previous edition of the Copa America, the teams of Australia and Qatar were to take part. Ultimately, however, the visitors withdrew from the tournament because it conflicted with other matches. The cup was won by Argentina.

Today, the strategic cooperation between CONMEBOL and Concacaf was announced. The next Copa America will be played in the United States in 2024.

As many as 16 teams will participate in the tournament for the first time. 10 of them will be teams from South America, and the group of participants will be complemented by the six best teams from the Concacaf federation. In addition, a new club tournament will be created as part of the cooperation. The best teams from both Americas will play in it.

The most successful team in Copa America history is Argentina with 15 wins, 14 runners-up and five bronze medals.

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