Revives the horror classic Alone in the Dark

On Friday night, THQ Nordic unveiled a bunch of upcoming games. Among them was a new version of Alone in the Dark, the critically acclaimed horror game from 1992.

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THQ Nordic

It is Swedish Pieces Interactive – known for Magicka 2, among other things – that has been given the job of recreating the horrific experience for a modern audience. The project is described as “a love letter” to the original, so here there will be much of what fans recognize, interspersed with various innovations.

Visually, we can expect a bunch of changes – not unexpected for a remake of a 30-year-old game. The game experience itself is also being modernized and Pieces has also announced changes to the course of the story.

You can see a taste of how it will all play out in the trailer at the top of the article. Here are both glimpses of story sequences, as well as more action-focused shooting in battle against all kinds of hideous beasts.

New Alone in the Dark is coming to PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S. However, THQ Nordic has not set a release date for the game, so here you just have to be patient.

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