Reviews ‘The Walking Dead’ finale: Worth it?

How is A Certain Doom received, the new ‘finale’ of this tenth season?

The Walking Dead will soon bring the tenth season to an end. At least, sort of. AMC will broadcast the episode in the United States on October 4 A Certain Doom out, which as a second midseasonfinal serves.

The television channel announced a while ago that the series will stop completely after the eleventh season. But before that, the tenth season will be expanded with a few extra episodes.

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A Certain Doom

The episode A Certain Doom, which was originally intended as a season finale, now serves as a second midseason final. Or rather: a two-thirds final, because the season is now two-thirds on the way.

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More will follow soon, but before then we have already received the first reviews of A Certain Doom:

Forbes: “There’s a lot to love about A Certain Doom.” But: “It was worth the wait. But I did expect more, especially a bit more ‘doom’, although I think we’ve already had a lot of that. ”

ComicBook: “It’s a bloody, familiar, satisfying, and definitive finale as the series’ final end is finally coming.”

Den of Geek: “The Walking Dead season 10 ‘ends’ with a fun episode that ties up some loose ends.”

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