REVIEW: Superheroes Marvel’s Avengers will hit you under the belt


There has been a lot of talk about Marvel’s Avengers for a long time. Not to mention that this video game is one of the most ambitious game projects based on a comic book template. So let’s not prolong it, let’s see how it’s played.

Many of you have definitely tried the beta, so you have at least some idea of ​​what a full game brings. It focuses on a campaign for single and multiplayer paratroopers for up to four players with endless looting, which tries to create a fun unit together. But that doesn’t work. The game doesn’t hold together very well.

It has its bright and dark sides, but it’s not as masterpiece as the developers and publishers have tried to tell us. The first thing you should jump on in the game is definitely the campaign. In addition to being drawn to a strong story, it also serves as a tutorial for multiplayer.

Starring Ms. Marvel

The main heroine is a nice Muslim woman Kamala Khan, whom the player first recognizes as a small child and a devoted fan of the Avengers. In San Francisco Bay, accompanied by his caring father, he participates in the expected mega event A-Day. It is focused on meeting Avengers fans with their role models. But as expected from the player’s point of view, there will be a terrible catastrophe. The riots, led by Taskmaster, attack the superheroes and there is a terrifying explosion in the bay, which will claim countless victims.

Unfortunately, that is not all. The explosion of the Terrigen Crystal will cause the people of San Francisco to become Inhumans with special abilities. Kamala has also been irradiated and can now stretch and enlarge to unprecedented proportions as a polymorph. The story is then carried forward five years.

The Avengers disintegrated. Bruce Banner himself even declared that they were dangerous to the world. The inhuman are hunted by AIM, and the world is slowly becoming a utopian place. Fortunately, there is Kamala, who is willing with her abilities to stand up to injustice and fight for all the Nelids who have met the same fate as her. In the end, her paths intersect with the Avengers themselves, whom the young and optimistic girl tries to put together. And as she becomes wiser and more experienced, the player sees her transformation into the superhero Ms. Marvel.

The first person he meets is Bruce Banner alias Hulk. Their mentor-student relationship is as interesting as the conversations they have with each other. Tony Stark aka Iron Man will soon join the party with his funny tales. These three are basically the protagonists of the campaign and most of the story deals with them.

You can do it and I can do this

Thor, Black Widow and Captain America will be added later, but they are certainly not given such space as Ms. Marvel, the Hulk and Iron Man, which of course may bother their fans. The story is successful and Kamala grows to your heart. We finished the campaign in about 15 hours, although the fact is that we bounced from the main missions to several side missions. Of course, they do not reach the qualities of the stories, but about that later.

As for the game style, it is an action RPG with a strong emphasis on action. The game for each of the heroes is different, which is the strength of the title. Ms. Marvel has a solid devastating reach thanks to its outstretched hands. He can also shoot his hand like a projectile and shoot down enemies in the air with it. It can also be enlarged to gigantic proportions. In this form, it has power almost like the Hulk.

New generation awards for free

Publisher Square Enix has confirmed that with the purchase of Marvel’s Avengers for PlayStation 4, you will receive a free digital upgrade to PlayStation 5. Crystal Dynamics’s Gary Snethen praises her work on the next-generation console. “The PS5 is significantly shifting the level of performance and graphics on consoles,” he said on the PlayStation Blog. If you own a competing Xbox One, you don’t have to despair. You can also upgrade to the Xbox Series S / X version for free after purchasing the game.

Thanks to the flexible and dexterous hands, it also swings on the iceberg. The Hulk is, of course, the strongest of all, jumping by leaps and bounds and snatching blocks of clay from the ground, which he then throws at enemies in all directions. You would rather get a slap from Helena Růžičková than from him.

Iron Man uses his suits to fly, fires several types of lasers, and his strongest abilities include summoning robust Hulkbuster armor to turn him into an instrument of destruction. The god of thunder Thor throws lightning and swings the hammer Mjölnir, thanks to which he can also fly. Through the rainbow bridge, Bifröst can attack ground targets from his native Asgard as a meteorite. Black Widow has grown to our hearts the most. He fires pistols and other firearms, is very agile and wields tonfas at close range.

Marvel’s license was underused

Of course, Captain America, like a Brooklyn brawler, can wash himself and strike one hard blow after another. Of course, throwing a shield that works like a frisbee on steroids is not missing. The diversity of the characters is a strong point of the game and in the future more will be added for free. It should be two Hawkeyes, Black Panther and exclusively for PlayStation console owners and Spider-Man.

These all superheroes confront an army of generic soldiers and robots. Meh. Enemies are a huge weakness of the game. The Marvel universe offers so many characters, races and opportunities that the Avengers could face. But no, they only share it with a dozen soldiers and robots. And when it comes to bosses, it’s tragedy again. You will only face three in the whole campaign. Búúú! (interjection of outrage, not crying) Marvel’s license was not sufficiently extracted.

In the campaign, you will also experience hopping, annoying quick time events, creeping missions and other distractions. But even though we think it is the most interesting, it will still run out of breath. We found ourselves having to force ourselves to finish it. And that proves something. Especially when we’re Marvel fans who have comics loaded from Avengers to Inhumans to X-Men and we’ve seen all 23 Marvel Cinematic Universe movies several times.

The game has a simple development system. You will unlock new abilities for superheroes, arm them with more powerful equipment and assign magic crystals. Above all, the annoying messages on the screen that you have stronger equipment in your inventory will force you to do so. We quite ignored the ubiquitous looting during the campaign. There was no need.

Looting tragedy

Although we improved our characters, we didn’t go for all the lootboxes. In addition, the new equipment is not visually visible. Your superhero will still look the same. Its appearance can only be changed by costumes. You can unlock some, but you can buy a lot of them only through ugly microtransactions. Yuck! The campaign is cleverly linked to side missions, war zones, daily challenges, etc., but these missions are so dull and boring that it’s not even possible.

We understand that the goal of Crystal Dynamics was to create the comic Destiny or Tom Clancy’s The Division, from which they borrow a lot, but they failed in this. We don’t see the slightest reason to clean one AIM base after another when they all look the same, or to fight all the time with the same bosses. And boasting more content in the future is not enough. As a looting shooter / thresher, Marvel’s Avengers fail all the way.

Once you finish the campaign, everything is boring after it. Endgame failed. But what dazzles the game on the whole line is the graphics. We rolled our eyes at the game when we first started. It’s great that it’s a multi-format title on an old console. Marvel’s Avengers is a really beautiful game. The character models are very sophisticated. A closer look will reveal many details. The facial expressions of their faces are great and the animations are generally as if they were.

The environments are also nice and you will especially appreciate their interactivity. There is much to destroy in them. English dubbing is completely professional and the music sounds like a Hollywood movie. Czech players will certainly enjoy successful Czech subtitles at a high level. Although they are small, we are still happy for them. Technically, however, the game is far from perfect, despite all these advantages.

Avengers vs. bugy

There are an awful lot of bugs in it. Here and there you fall into the textures, then you get stuck again. Other times the game itself gets stuck and you have to restart it. There are also plenty of graphics bugs in the game. There is also sound and subtitles. From time to time, the game becomes a PowerPoint presentation when the number of frames drops to five per second. And this happens both during the game itself and during the story videos.

The tragicomic was that a patch was released during our play, after which the game ran even worse than before. We haven’t played a new video game in such a poor state for a long time. And we will not take into account that it will improve in the future, it is a disgrace. Marvel’s Avengers have an interesting campaign, but they don’t offer much else interesting. Think twice about getting a game.




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