review of major sporting events in New Caledonia

In this year 2020, Caledonians will have vibrated with the prowess of their riders. On the Caillou or elsewhere in the world, the local athletes once again shone with their talent.

Third at the RSX windsurfing worlds in Australia in February, Thomas Goyard was the first to shine, he was chosen as the sole French representative for the Tokyo Olympic Games. A huge feat for the Caledonian who, back home, can savor.

« When it works well like that it’s rather a great feeling, after it’s true that the mental level and the pressure that falls, it’s something to be managed », Explains the windsurfer. Thomas Nicolas Goyard’s brother is adorned with bronze at the European IQ Foil Championships in Switzerland. On the other hand, a contentious decision by the judges deprives him of gold, but he remains a very serious candidate for the 2024 Games in Paris, on this new Olympic Windsurfing medium.


We don’t forget either Sarah Hauser, the Caledonian who entered the Guinness Book of Records guide this year for having won the highest wave in history. It was the December 31, 2019 at Jaws in Hawaii. A wave of over 11 meters.

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Stand-up paddle

Let it be said, New Caledonia is a world benchmark in terms of skiing. At the French stand-up paddle championships this year, Noïc Garioud took the sprint ahead of Titouan Puyo. Titouan Puyo then won the long distance ahead of Garioud in October last, on Lake Annecy. ” We made the effort despite everything that is happening to come to France to compete and it is with pleasure, we are very happy », Specifies the Caledonian.

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At sea and on land

Cagous who, at sea as on land, do not like to hang around, like Laurent Fath. He won the two races of the season in Super Motard in the Vosges and the Doux with 150 points out of 150 possible. A first national coronation, just 26 years.

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Team sports

On the team sport side, special mention to basketball player Soana Lucet, winner of the French Open 3 against 3 and called up to the national team recently. The Roche Vendée winger will be able to compete in an Olympic qualifying tournament in May next.

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We have also experienced great moments on the Caillou, particularly with football and the remarkable course of SC Ne Drehu, in the 66e Caledonian Cup. Twelve years after its creation, the Lifou club reached the final for the first time. Numa Daly stadium is packed, Ne Drehu finally loses in overtime 3-1 against Hienghène, after a solid match.

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Health crisis

In this year 2020, we will also remember the Covid-19 which caused the cancellation of many international competitions here. The local sports world had to adapt. Hats off to the regional cycling committee, forced to cancel the 50e tour of Caledonia. He had the bright idea of ​​an event 100% local and amateur. The cyclo Tour 2020 has turned out to be a success, both in terms of participation, state of mind and fervor on the roads.

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Emotions and sharing, treasures of sport as much in competition, as in leisure or in challenges, like the Noumean who brought together 4 000 women this year, to fight cancer.

Martin Charmasson’s report:

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