Review of 10 movies/series to watch from Netflix in July-August 2022

Suitable for people who like survival action movies with a focus on fun. Shoot your deadly bullets and run through hordes of zombies. But the protagonist didn’t get hit by a single shot. They also survive bites and infections from zombies. I think the main cast does a good job of showing off their fearful expressions but still has the confidence to survive the zombie apocalypse and wants to help a close friend who got bitten in the hand and infected with zombies.

The film is rather dark and gloomy. Interspersed with Coming Of Age shooting tones that emphasize the story of the school and the minds of children being bullied by their peers. Think that the content in the game version is more fun, more exciting, more realistic. Anyone who is a Resident Evil gamer would be disappointed with this version of the series. The author, who has never played this game before, considers it a zombie movie that can be watched over and over and maintains the standard of the horror universe.

Review score 7.5/10

3. Remarriage & Desires

Tell the story of Seo Hye Seung. The royal wife caught her husband cheating and divorced her after meeting Jin Yoo Hee. A lover who came to rob her husband until the end of his life until he decided to kill himself. Seo Hye Seung, who couldn’t accept it, joined a dating company for the rich where only 1% of the members were able to join. just to avenge his husband.

the feeling of seeing I can honestly say that the water is very bad. The value of a woman lies in the husband and the man who chooses the best relationship. And to be a man alone does not have to have status, looks, job duties. and a very wealthy position to be a face and to show the dignity of a woman Which, let’s be honest, this movie and series is helping the world pit over. (Personal opinion) The script of the movie doesn’t make much sense to Korean culture. where everything must be pallied Middle-aged mothers seem to be less interested in their children’s education and education than they should be. Instead, he is more interested in taking revenge on his ex-husband’s concubine in a very intense drama. Normally, the Korean omma does everything for her child’s education. If they could go down to school competition instead, they would have done it. Therefore, I think that this series is like a remake of a movie that can do good things and do bad things. Losing gold as much as a head, not as much as losing a man to anyone Rather than being a real Korean series But it’s a Korean series. I like the person who plays the role of Jin Yoo Hee. looks bad, red lips, swinging face, pecking, pecking through the camera, evil inner through the screen very much. I like it.

Review score 7.5/10

4. Persuasion

Tell Anne’s story. The middle daughter of the Elliott family based on the same ’90s book by Jan Austen. That gives a feeling of the power of fantasies of teenage girls very much in the era of two hundred years ago. that women do not have much freedom of thought and is confined to the frame of mind to be just someone’s mother or wife.

the feeling of watching Compared to the novels and literature of Jan Austen, this movie lacks charm and interest a lot. Overall quite disappointed It’s like the screenwriters of the film took Jan Austen’s best literature and art and mashed it up until it turned into a parody meme. It’s not in line with this era in any way. But if anyone just sits and watches the chemistry between the actors Dakota Johnson and the protagonist, there is still the quality of the image and the use of tones in the film in a tone, mood and movie feel of the story that gives the smell. Shy, Pride & Perjudice, seriously look at Jan’s literature. Austen had a much better idea than the film after reading the end of Persuasion 2022, ruining Jan Austen’s powerful work and ideas, but who hasn’t followed the book before? One could easily fall in love with a dreamy, sweet, and romantic script. But overall, it’s disappointing after reading Jan’s book written by Jan actually.

Review score 5.5/10

5. Hurts Like Hells

It tells the story of unfolding the truth of the boxing industry that is divided into four short stories, divided into the story of a boxing gambler who calls himself a gambling expert. Judges on stage Sia in charge of the boxing ring and an ambitious young boxer with a trainer.

The feeling that you see is that just the beginning of the story is already extremely fun. Let’s be honest, this semi-documentary film makes the viewers do not know what we are going to encounter. Before the semi-documentary Hurt Like Hells dives us into the darker side of boxing. It was as if we were sitting in a boxing stadium next to the person who actually punched him. The light, sound, and scene elements look quite realistic and terrifying. As with us, we really have a chance to cheer as a spectator and a real boxer really hurts. Although the author has little knowledge or interest in anything about boxing in Thailand. But he gained a lot of knowledge about boxing from this documentary, including problematic social issues. and the gambling mafia that really exists with the Thai boxing industry

Review score 8.5/10

6. Incantation

It tells the true story of what happened in Li Runan’s family. that the youngest daughter is suffering from a strange disease that has no known cause Doctors can’t cure The spirits said that they had been attacked by a ghost. Until her family was haunted by ghosts throughout the house for months.

feeling when watching This is a semi-documentary film from Taiwan that is arguably the scariest and best the author has ever seen in 2022. The technique of shooting both third-person footage and shining a flashlight in dark places. Using blood CG and adding sound effects to create a haunting atmosphere to fool the audience. There may be some moments that this semi-documentary film looks dazzling. And the filming technique is nothing new. But he managed to fool the audience with his fists and looked terrifying, gradually shaking his nerves and panicking little by little. before increasing the level of terror in the viewer’s mind until the end of the story It’s actually a very scary and thrilling semi-documentary film. The kind that if you didn’t see it, you would feel regret for sure. Although there are some parts in the story that seem a bit boring. But this is a semi-documentary movie that honestly is the scariest and most terrifying the author has ever seen.

Review score 10/10

7. La La Land

It tells the story of a land of dreams and love of two young people who believe that every dream in our lives is possible. in new york city Even though the truth may not be like that

feeling when watching This is a romantic love movie with a romantic disappointment that is realistic and reasonable. For the meeting and farewell of two people Life and dreams intersect It is normal for two people to meet, fall in love, break up, and leave each other. This is one of the best musical movies of 2016 coming to Netflix in 2022 that movie fans should not miss. Because the musical is great. Actually, the author is not interested in jazz music. It’s easy to fall in love with jazz music from this movie, full of impressive Perfomance. and the powerful vocals of every actor in the story. Overall, I like it very much.

Review score 10/10

8. The Sea Beast

Tells the story of Macy’s adventures. An orphan girl who dreams of becoming a demon hunter. secretly boarded Jacob’s demon hunting ship who want to hunt monsters for the reward only until both the ships that were traveling on board capsized. and trapped them in the nest of sea monsters. that they have been hunting for a long time Strange relationships and ties formed between two distinct and long-established races.

The feeling that the animation looks like is very suitable for this era. We follow what we have been told for a long time and have been taught to follow only what is written in the book since childhood. And we don’t know why we have to do that. We never questioned or doubted what we were told to do. Even if that matter has created problems in our lives for a long time. without which we have never been a party that has benefited from following each other But it was the only small group of people who had always benefited from the conflict created between the two races. In a war that no one wants The lighting, sound, and setting elements of this animation are pretty well done. Pixar-like quality, fast paced storyline. And the content is easy to digest, entertaining, and fun.

Review score 9.5/10

9. The Lobster

Tell the story of David. man who recently divorced his wife and must enter a dating hotel before turning them into animals. The Lobster tells the story of a futuristic world where singles are illegal. Single people will be transformed into whatever animal they want. And David wanted to be a lobster until The Lobster was born.

the feeling of watching I can feel that director Yorgos Lanthimos, who made this movie, had a habit of being completely fed up with the hypocrisy of this world. that married couples act like they love each other even though they didn’t love each other as much as they showed to others that much Even worse, they are bored with each other and want to find a way to isolate themselves and spend time alone in a private space with no one else. As for single people, they act as admirers, worship, cherish and love their own singleness. But I envy people who have boyfriends. And have love all the time. To be honest, the content in this movie has many bad jokes.

But what really touched the heart of the author was David’s hesitation. Maybe from the moment David walked into this hotel. where a hotel clerk asks David what sex you like And David replied that he likes girls. But I’ve been in a relationship with a guy before. And the hotel waiter had to ask David twice. David was able to answer the question. Where is the scene where he chooses to fake his identity to date a brutal girl even though he is not actually that type of person? or the scene where he joined the singles group But still looking for someone with the same qualities as him all the time. The tone of the film is quite calm, quiet, and there is a quiet, haunting thriller music in the style of Yorkos who wants the audience to guess which line of the film will play. Which, frankly, is unpredictable, The Lobster is one of my favorite movies. The movie in the heart of the author who, if there is a chance to see it again, would probably watch it again, which would like to recommend it to everyone to see.

Review score 100/10

10. School Tales The Series

It tells the story of eight horror short stories by eight directors who tell a ghost story that takes place in the school fence. The man who met the ghost in the cafeteria The man who met the ghost in the library to a group of ghost hunters to prove their belief that ghosts in schools aren’t real and that science is better than stories.

the feeling of watching It’s scary in the middle. There are some episodes where they appreciate teachers or teachers in school who do everything for their students with good intentions rather than teaching them to educate students in school. The funny comedy scenes are really provocative. Scary scenes, haunting, thrilling, inviting to follow, it can be fun to use. Some episodes are terrifying, terrifying and terrifying. But sometimes it’s quite dank. There is a plot that is medium, not too fast, not too slow, fitting with the audience’s understanding that the series wants to convey the hidden meaning in each EP to the audience to know the director’s motivation. Both the problem of bullying in schools is unresolved and no adult in the school is paying attention. problem of violence bully problem that sometimes the society at school takes ears to the fields, eyes to the fields, leading to other problems within the story Mood, tone, light, sound, scene elements, sound effect, in some episodes, it’s done well, realistic, rational, but in some episodes it’s made out to be dizzy, annoying, not very scary. The writer’s favorite part was the sixth episode. It was a very tangible moment. In a world where people are more interested in social media than in real life.

Review score 9.5/10

It’s over with 10 movies / series worth watching from Netflix that the author would like to recommend to friends to watch in the month. July-August this year, if any friends have any kind of movie they would like to recommend or would like the author to see for review, feel free to comment.

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