Review LG UltraFine Display Ergo 32UN880: Monitor for Creative Workers

Speaking of screens, we certainly know that LG has a good reputation. For example, Droidlime recently purchased a 65-inch LG OLED TV for the office. One of the interesting things is that the quality is “really champion”.

Now, it’s Droidlime’s turn to have the opportunity to taste the monitor. No different from the TV, LG’s monitor is arguably the same champion. We also know that LG has a line-up of monitors and this time the monitor that is mandatory on the Droidlime review table is the UltraFine 32UN880 series.

From its name, this monitor is intended for professionals who are struggling with creative content, especially photo or video editing. The appearance of this monitor is also very interesting. As if UltraFine 32UN880 doesn’t have legs because it doesn’t have a stand.

So, this monitor made by LG is not just placed on the table, but the UltraFine 32UN880 series has a clamp. No need to be confused to clamp this monitor to your desk. The method is very easy and does not need additional tools.

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